Friends, entrepreneurs and travellers, Megan Ryley and Srimoyi Bhattacharya were serendipitously brought together to create The Orient Line.

Having built successful careers in fashion and public relations respectively, the two friends spoke over a glass of wine one evening about how today their off-duty moments are just as important to them as their time spent creating and working. Fashion lovers both, individually they had been thinking about making something beautiful to wear during those laidback, leisurely moments spent with family and friends at home or outside. That conversation on the balcony at sunset led to the inception of The Orient Line.

Relaxed, whimsical and fun, The Orient Line is a collection of loungewear that radiates positivity and hints of their own personalities. Megan's edgy, slightly androgynous approach to fashion combines seamlessly with Srimoyi's chic, feminine aesthetic and together shapes this collection that will appeal to people from every walk of life.